One Ghanaian taking the world by storm as the World’s Strongest man is no other man than Shaka Zulu.

A lot of Ghanaians are doing many things both in the country and outside the country to make Ghana proud. They engage in different aspects, such as sports and entertainment to sell the country to the world.

Damien Smith popularly known as Shaka Zulu is a Ghanaian Athlete. He contested for Ghana’s strongest two times and won in both years. He won Ghana’s strongest for 2017 and 2018. He equally won Arnold Classic Africa Strongman and West Africa Strongest Man 2018. He is the brand ambassador for Animal Pak (Nutritional Performance Packs).

He is known by a lot of Ghanaians for his strong nature. He is fast and his cardiac level is top draw, enough to take Africa to the world. He uses his field to inspire the young ones who look up to him to work hard on their goal, that they have set for themselves.

He believes that, hard work and determination can take one to his or her destination and therefore should be focused and inspired to push harder to make it in life.

Shaka Zulu always said that, positive vibes for him can always help to push Africa forward in terms of strength competition in the world.

He again takes Ghana and Africa as a whole to the world in strength competition. His strength never disappoints as he continues to more in this competition. He has kept his promise to make mother Ghana proud and insist on doing that to win in every competition that he contest in across the globe.

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A lot of Ghanaians are solely behind him to bring the cup home from Arnold Classic Africa Strongman 2019 competition. Keep making Our motherland Ghana Proud.

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