Ningo-Prampram NPP: Presidential staffer beats opponent in latest survey

A three-week survey carried out by this reporter and his team has revealed that if the New Patriotic Party (NPP) should hold its Parliamentary Primaries in Ningo-Prampram this weekend, Presidential Staffer Alex Martey will have an edge over Rita Addotey , a former polling station women organizer . The results of the survey show that Alex Martey will get 62% of the votes whilst his only contender will garner 38 % of the votes.

The survey was carried out in 19 out of the 22 Electoral Areas in Ningo-Prampram. It involved polling station executives. In all, the researchers interacted with an average of 13 polling station executives in each of the 19 electoral areas surveyed . To the question, “Who will you vote for in the 2019 NPP Ningo-Prampram Primaries”, 136 said they will vote for Alex Martey whilst 74 chose Ms Addotey . 37 were undecided as at the time of the survey. The total number of delegates in Ningo-Prampram stand at a total of 517.

Out of the Electoral areas surveyed, Mr Alex Martey appeared to be stronger in most urban areas within the Constituency whilst he equally did remarkably well in the rural areas as well. For example, out of the 13 polling station Executives surveyed in Dawa electoral area, a rural area, 9 said they prefer the presidential Staffer over his competitor. He equally won in the Ayetepa/Mangotsonya , New ningo , Djangmaku and Afienya electoral areas .

On the other hand, madam Addotey Per the survey, out of the 13 respondents at the Prampram Lower West electoral area , 10 prefer the their former polling station women organizer over her competitor, Alex Martey . Madam Rita Addotey is also expected to have the upper hand in the LEKPOGUNOR and Tsopoli/Nugbenya electoral area. Both Candidates tied in the Laluekpo electoral area and depending on how the days ahead go, that electoral area can go either way. 3 other electoral areas weren’t surveyed due to the limited time available to the researchers.

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Campaign for the Primaries has intensified in the Constituency after the vetting on 12th August . Madam Addotey and her team has been on a promising spree to delegates. Alex Martey and his team have been urging delegates to vote not just for a Parliamentary candidate but someone who has been part of them and can be MP .

The coming days will be very interesting because the primaries is about a month away, but if the survey above is anything to go by, Alex Martey will represent the NPP in the Ningo Prampram Constituency for the 2020 Elections.

Survey conducted between 29th July – 16th August


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